Monday, April 23, 2012

Rotator Cuff Exercises For Life

It is easy to see why the rotator cuff exercises are useful for the injured, but what about sound? Why should you use your muscles on a regular basis, even if you are in good condition and undamaged?


Stretching and use all our muscles is usually a good thing, but the anatomy of the shoulder, and in particular the cuff tendons and associated muscles, makes it particularly susceptible to chronic injury - and the simple neglect on a daily exercise routine.

Shoulders are intended to allow for an exceptionally wide articulation, much of which you've probably rarely used. If you do not include shoulder exercises into your daily regime, you are in danger of losing some of the healthy range of articulatory shoulder joints. What's worse, you risk injury to the shoulder should you try to use a limited way than now.

Maintaining the flexibility of the shoulder through regular stretching and rotator cuff muscles, is an important and easily overlooked, contributor to your overall condition of


Mobility goes hand in hand with power. Simply stretching the cuff muscles, as we have seen, to maintain range. However, only by maintaining muscle strength you will be able to make full use of athletic shoulder injuries without fear or stress. Read More

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